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H1-12 Enter The Infinite - Seeing

H1-12 Enter The Infinite - Seeing

Damien Hirst

Tapestry, 2016
Tapestry Edition of 20

Critical Review

The tapestry can be seen alongside eleven other tapestries, all of which were produced using a Jacquard loom and are part of Hirst’s Enter The Infinite collection. Each tapestry in the collection is made out of red, blue, yellow and green thread and is based on a kaleidoscope style pattern. While the patterns are similar in colour and style, they are all different and feature unique arrangements of colour and line.

The use of a mechanical loom to produce these artworks captures how Hirst has had a long-standing interest in the intersection between mechanical reproduction and art. Arguably influenced by Andy Warhol, the pioneering figure of the Pop Art movement, Hirst has produced hundreds of screen prints of skulls, butterflies and medicinal pills, which enable the artist to question the inherent value of artworks and what makes a piece of art truly original.

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