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Billy Mill Roundabout

Billy Mill Roundabout
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Etching, 2002
Signed Print Edition of 68
H 91cm x W 71cm

Critical Review

Billy Mill Roundabout is directly related to Hirst’s famed spin paintings, produced with a rotating canvas attached to a spin machine, onto which he poured paint. This series of etchings was produced with copper plates attached to the machine with the spiral lines drawn with needles, screwdrivers, and other sharp tools as they spun. The process of creating these works became a performance-like ritual that continued for numerous days.

The circular patterns that form the basis of this series of etchings were inspired by a long-exposure photograph Hirst has taken of stars in the night sky, forming an abstract configuration of shapes. Indicative of Hirst’s enthusiasm for contemporary music, Billy Mill Roundabout is reminiscent of grooved vinyl LPs and some of the titles of the etchings in the suite are lyrics from Pop-songs.

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