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Coeli Enarrant

Coeli Enarrant
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Screenprint, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 25
H 74cm x W 71cm

Critical Review

The print, made in 2010, is part of the artist’s Psalms series. The series, which the artist started in 2008, is composed of 150 works, all of which are named after a psalm from the Old Testament. Each print in the series incorporates circles and butterflies into the print design, however no two prints are alike, with unique arrangements of butterflies and colour compositions. The Psalms are part of a broader series, the Kaleidoscope series, which Hirst started in 2001. The butterfly patterns were inspired by an old Victoria tea tray Hirst saw which had a similar design.

The titles of the works and their reference to Old Testament psalms reflect how Hirst likes to explore themes of religion in his artwork. Hirst often addresses difficult themes and questions through his art. The artist explains,“I am absolutely not interested in tying things down”, Hirst has continued over the last decade to explore the “big issues” of “death, life, religion, beauty, science.”

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