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Expectans Expectavi (non-glitter)

Expectans Expectavi (non-glitter)
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Screenprint, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 25
H 46cm x W 46cm

Critical Review

The print, which Hirst produced in 2015, is one of 150 prints that compose the Psalms series. In this series, Hirst creates an array of prints, all of which are centred around butterflies arranged in intricate patterns. The prints in the series are all named after a psalm from the Old Testament, reflective of how religion is a central theme in the series.

The butterfly is an image imbued with spiritual symbolism. The image is used by the Greeks to depict the Psyche and is also found in Christian imagery to represent the resurrection. As well as exploring religion through the Psalms series, the prints can also be read as exploring the nature of beauty, due to the incredible natural beauty that butterflies possess. The prints also touch on themes of life and death, as butterflies, for Hirst, encapsulate the fragility of life.

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