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Cage f.ff II
Signed Print

Gerhard Richter


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Lithograph, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 30

Jasper Tordoff

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Meaning & Analysis

This work is another standout example of Richter’s unmistakable visual style and treatment of abstraction - a non-representational art philosophy of kinds, with which he has been experimenting since as early as the 1970s. Like Cage f.ff III, Cage f.ff II is a dynamic work that reproduces the awe-inspiring complexity of one of 6 paintings Richter created in 2006, each of which was inspired by the work of musician, composer, and installation artist, John Cage.

‘Western’ cultures have been instrumental in the scheme of Richter’s life and artistic career. in interview with curator Nicholas Serota, Richter cites the visit of the seminal MoMA exhibition The Family Of Man to West Berlin as a turning point in his life and career.  Comprising the work of countless Western photographers, the exhibition had a profound impact on the young artist’s conception of what it was to depict his subjects; whilst before he ‘knew only paintings’, Richter quickly became aware of the productive representational possibilities afforded by the hand-held camera and photography.

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