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Cage f.ff III
Signed Print

Gerhard Richter


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Lithograph, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 30

Jasper Tordoff

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Meaning & Analysis

Like other prints that make up Richter’s Cage f.ff series, such as Cage f.ff II, Cage f.ff III is a standout example of Richter’s approach to abstraction - a practice that opposes itself to the artist’s many realist and photorealist paintings of historical figures and family members, such as Betty (1991), Elisabeth II (1966), and Onkel Rudi (2000). In this work, greys, whites, reds, and blues collide in a chaotic, dynamic assemblage of oil paint; an almost three-dimensional piece made ‘flat’, the work is sure to reference the process of its own construction.

To construct these unique abstract works, after which these lithograph prints are made, Richter first paints a canvas with a base layer of colour. As his assistants confirm, to do this Richter restricts himself to using so-called ‘classic’ colours, including titanium white, ivory black, cadmium, ultramarine blue, and lemon yellow. When making his abstract paintings, Richter never uses earth tones. Once a base layer of colour is applied, Richter disrupts the individual layers of paint with large home-made ‘squeegees’, themselves daubed with new and often conflicting tones of oil paint.

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