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Cage f.ff IV
Signed Print

Gerhard Richter


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Lithograph, 2011
Signed Print Edition of 30
H 90cm x W 90cm

Jasper Tordoff

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Meaning & Analysis

Together with Cage f.ff I, Cage f.ff II, Cage f.ff III, and Cage f.ff V, Cage f.ff IV is a visual testament to Richter’s self-avowed desire to bring about what he has described as the ‘death of painting’. Like its series namesakes, the work speaks to the artist’s inspiration by US composer and avant-gardist, John Cage; demanding what curator and critic Hans Ulrich Obrist describes as an ‘infinite process of looking’, the image refers to an original work created during a period when Richter had been spending hours listening to Cage’s music, famed for its atonality and meditative qualities. Comprising grey, white, blue, and red tones, there is a sense of viscerality and violence in this work that immediately suggests Cage’s influence.

At first sight, Richter’s strict artistic training in socialist realist art, which he received whilst a student at the Dresden Academy, is far removed from this image. Eschewing the representational in favour of the non-representational, however, with this work Richter is sure to index his unorthodox artistic background - and his lifelong revolt against it.

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