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Harland Miller: If The Phone Don’t Ring It’s Me (orange) - Signed Print

If The Phone Don’t Ring It’s Me (orange)
Signed Print

Harland Miller

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Screenprint, 2008
Signed Print Edition of 50
H 42cm x W 58cm

Critical Review

The Penguin series is emblematic of Miller’s artistic language. It marries his influences from Abstract Expressionism and Colour Field Art and artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Mark Rothko, Pop Art and figures like Ed Ruscha, as well Miller’s dark, quintessentially British humour and love for language and literature. The series is a fascinating exploration of the relationship between reality and representation. Miller manipulates the viewer’s perception of the text and its meaning through how it’s displayed in terms of colour and the familiar Penguin book format. The photorealistic, rugged rendering of the original adds a sense of three-dimensionality to the prints, along with the visceral nostalgia and intimacy evoked by a precious second-hand book.

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