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Julian Opie: We Swam In The Sea - Signed Print

We Swam In The Sea
Signed Print

Julian Opie

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Woodcut, 2003
Signed Print Edition of 25

Joe Syer

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Critical Review

We Swam In The Sea is part of Opie’s We Swam Amongst The Fishes collection which features a range of large-scale prints showing fish swimming in open spaces of water. The prints are all characterised by their use of simplified shapes rendered using thick outlines. Opie’s use of bold, black outlines has meant the artist is often compared to Patrick Caulfield. Opie has also been compared to Roy Lichtenstein and Lichtenstein’s cartoon style imagery, as well as Andy Warhol due to Warhol’s use of bright and bold colours and affinity with the screen printing technique.

Opie produces a flattened picture plain in this artwork by uploading photographs of the sea onto his computer and digitally editing them, reducing the images to pure line and surface. Despite the flat picture, the artwork exudes a sense of realism as Opie’s talent in conveying movement makes it seem as if the fish are really swimming around the composition.

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