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An image of one of Keith Haring's original Pop Shop designs.Image © Creative Commons via Flickr / Keith Haring T-Shirt From the Pop Shop
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Keith Haring, a pioneering figure in the world of street art and pop culture, made his mark on the art scene in the 1980s with his vibrant, bold and evocative creations. Born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1958, Haring emerged from a modest background to become an iconic artist whose works continue to resonate with audiences today. This is particularly seen in the abundance of collections and collaborations featuring his work, and which can be seen as a continuation of his store The Pop Shop. Opened in 1986, this was seen by Haring as an extension of his work, and the Shop sold T-shirts and novelty items with Haring's imagery as well as those by some of his contemporaries.

A true innovator, Haring's unique blend of graffiti, social activism and Pop Art established him as a trailblazer in the contemporary art world. His signature style - characterised by lively, cartoon-like figures and energetic lines - captivated people from all walks of life, breaking down barriers between high and low art. Tragically, Haring's life was cut short at the age of 31, but his legacy endures, inspiring generations of artists and admirers with his powerful message of love, unity and social justice.

Here are some of Haring's posthumous collaborations:

“The use of commercial projects has enabled me to reach millions of people whom I would not have reached by remaining an unknown artist. I assumed, after all, that the point of making art was to communicate and contribute to culture.”
Keith Haring
Two photographs of a model wearing two different styles of T-shirts from Uniqlo’s collaboration with Keith Haring’s estateImage © Uniqlo x Keith Haring 2022


Famously accessible streetwear brand Uniqlo is no stranger to artist partnerships, often joining forces even with art world institutions such as the Louvre. The brand has long collaborated with Haring’s estate, with each drop reflecting on a different aspect of the artist’s appeal. There was the 2020 collaboration, which highlighted Haring’s depictions of Mickey Mouse. The 2021 Tokyo collection, for example, explored Haring’s relationship with the city. There was also a joint collaboration with the estates of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, intertwining the lives and legacies of these artists even more. Finally, this summer they released another collection, aptly called Keith Haring Life Of The Party, inspired by his uniquely-designed invitations for parties and events in New York City.

A photograph of three models wearing different styles of jewellery from Pandora’s collaboration with Keith Haring’s estate.Image © Pandora x Keith Haring 2022
“There's an openness and approachability to Haring's philosophy, which speaks directly to what we stand for at Pandora. Our team has worked hard to translate Haring's beautiful work into a jewellery collection and we look forward to presenting it to our customers.”
Stephen Fairchild, Chief Product Officer at Pandora


In 2022, jewellery brand Pandora released a capsule collection with earrings, charm bracelets and necklaces featuring Haring’s iconic outlined figures. This marked the brand’s first collaboration with an artist, and Pandora claimed to be inspired by Haring’s “pioneering principles of inclusivity and diversity.” This was illustrated in the advertising campaign, where they teamed up with New York-based drag artist West Dakota. The collection was only available for two months, and sold out quickly everywhere, a testament to Haring’s mass contemporary appeal. The collection really spoke to the fun nature of Haring’s iconography, making it more accessible and appealing to a younger audience.

A photograph of a pair of boots from Dr. Martens’ collaboration with Keith Haring, placed against a background featuring one of the artist’s iconic murals.Image © Dr. Martens x Keith Haring 2021
“His art is everywhere. From big city buildings and street murals. To art galleries and the Berlin wall. And now the 1460 boot and the 1461 shoe. An artist who spent his life fighting for the oppressed and against convention, his work continues to make waves. In our first collaboration, we pay tribute to an individual who lived the DM’s mindset every single day.”
Dr. Martens Press Release

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens launched their collection “Art Is For Everyone” in 2021, in collaboration with the Haring estate. The brand’s original silhouettes were overlaid with Haring’s signature silhouette illustrations, and finished with two bright character charms on the laces. The brand stated that Haring’s art aligns perfectly with their ethos of supporting youth culture and their sense of self-expression.

An image of two models wearing apparel from H&M’s collaboration with Keith Haring, standing against a background featuring one of the artist’s iconic murals.Image © H&M x Keith Haring 2022
“Master the prints of a legend.”


Another budget-friendly brand infusing their fashion with a touch of Haring's distinctive style is the fashion giant H&M, which has released two collaborations with the estate of Keith Haring so far, in 2021 and 2022. The original collection featured a selection of relaxed T-shirts, shirts, joggers and hoodies in muted colours contrasting against the artist’s bright figures. H&M also released some sneakers and accessories, completing the full Haring look. In 2022, new additions for the second drop included the printed pile jacket, underwear and slip-on canvas sneakers. Prioritising comfort and accessibility are in line with Haring’s ideals and his general appeal to youth culture.

An image of a white sneaker by Reebok, fully decorated with Keith Haring's dancing figures.Image © Reebok / Reebok x Keith Haring 2021


Sportswear brand Reebok first released a collection featuring several of Haring’s motifs in 2013. This included several different reinterpretations of their classic sneakers, overlaid with Haring’s style. In 2021, they announced their second collaboration with the artist, featuring five sneakers and indicating the enduring appeal of his art. The items all drew inspiration from Haring’s motifs, from his famous dancing figures and dogs to his renowned subway chalk drawings, prominently displaying them across each shoe. Both collections struck the balance between being bold and colourful yet also extremely functional, allowing their buyers to wear a work of art.

An image of a model wearing a white windbreaker Junya Watanabe jacket that is completely covered in Keith Haring’s signature doodles in black.Image © Junya Watanabe x Keith Haring 2023
“I wanted to create a revival of past pop culture. It’s nostalgic for me. At the time, Talking Heads and Keith Haring were my idols. From a fashion standpoint, Haring’s work is easy to understand, but it also transcends time, like rock stars from the past.”
Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe’s Men’s S/S 23 collection chose to highlight iconic 20th century artists including Haring, Warhol and Basquiat. Haring in particular was crucial for the artistic development of the designer, something that is evident in the collection due to the prominence of his layered doodles on the garments. His doodles were used to enliven shirts, windbreakers and bomber jackets, offering a distinctly urban style to the clothes.

A collage of several items from Casetify’s collaboration with artist Keith Haring, including phone covers, stickers, wireless chargers, and headphone protectorsImage © Casetify x Keith Haring 2022
“Keith Haring was and still continues to be a celebrated artist whose work focused on self-expression, a message that CASETiFY has always supported. With that, the collaboration seemed to be a natural fit.”
Wesley Ng, Casetify’S CEO and co-founder


Tech-accessories purveyor Casetify has also collaborated with Haring, creating an extensive collection titled “Love Makes The World Go Round”. The items feature instantly recognizable pieces and motifs by the artist, such as Hearts Face and Radiant Heart Love, tapping into some of his most iconic works to transmit a wider message of love and optimism. The contrast between Haring’s signature 1980s aesthetic and contemporary technology creates an impactful object that celebrates self-expression.

A collage of two sneakers from Converse’s collaboration with artist Keith Haring.Image © Converse x Keith Haring 2021


As we have seen, Haring’s works go well on almost all kinds of objects – but they seem to lend themselves particularly well to clients of the streetwear and sneaker markets. This is evident in his estate’s collaboration with timeless brand Converse. Launched in 2021, the collection featured items such as T-shirts, hoodies and, of course, the classic shoe silhouettes that Converse is so renowned for. All four sneaker styles came in predominantly muted “White/Black” or “White/Blue” colorways, and unsurprisingly indulged in a number of arrangements highlighting Haring’s world-renowned bright and bold graphics. The limited-edition collection has now largely sold out, and the shoes have become collector’s items on the secondary market.

An image of a model wearing a Primark T-shirt featuring some of Keith Haring’s designs, standing against a background richly decorated with the artist’s signature silhouettes.Image © Primark x Keith Haring 2022


In August 2022, Primark launched a collection of comfortable and fashionable clothing inspired by Haring's iconic designs. The collaboration offered both Primark shoppers and Haring enthusiasts a selection of 28 items including loungewear, jumpers, T-shirts, accessories, and shoes featuring his signature vibrant and eye-catching patterns. The primary theme of this collection centred around love and the celebration of youth and pop culture. This successful partnership allowed Primark to honour Haring’s artistic legacy while providing individuals with an opportunity to express their personal style through wearable art. The collection remains available, with incredibly accessible price points.

An image of a model wearing Calzedonia tights featuring some of Keith Haring’s designs, standing against a background decorated with one of the artist’s signature silhouettes.Image © Calzedonia x Keith Haring 2022


Italian shape and loungewear brand Calzedonia also collaborated with the Haring estate, releasing a capsule collection in 2022. It featured tights, jeans and socks, all of which celebrated the fun, energetic and positive spirit of Haring’s art. This is particularly evidenced in the brand’s marketing for the collection, with clearly appeals to a fresh and young audience.

“In the 1980s and 1990s, you couldn’t find these tribes, these communities of people who are interested in these artists. Now, we can be very surgical and know that there’s somebody in Oklahoma City who loves Keith Haring, or someone in Perth, Australia.”
David Stark, founder of Artestar

Haring's profound impact on fashion is a testament to the enduring appeal of his unique artistic vision. By seamlessly blending the worlds of street art and popular culture, Haring created a distinct visual language that has resonated with fashion designers and enthusiasts alike. His bold patterns and playful characters have inspired numerous collaborations with prominent fashion brands and democratised the world of art and style. 

Haring’s influence transcends the boundaries of traditional art and continues to challenge the status quo, encouraging self-expression and fostering a sense of unity and creativity through fashion. Keith Haring's legacy lives on, shaping the fashion industry and inspiring future generations to explore the vibrant intersection of art, culture and personal style.

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