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Keith Haring: The Blueprint Drawings 11 - Signed Print

The Blueprint Drawings 11
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Screenprint, 1990
Signed Print Edition of 33
H 129cm x W 1075cm

Critical Review

Produced as unique works on paper with Sumi ink, Haring originally displayed these works in a one-week exhibition in Manhattan in 1980 where not a single drawing was sold. However, he did find success in the sale of several blueprint copies of the original drawings and so revisited the subject in 1990, a month before his tragic death creating a portfolio of 17 screen prints of the original images.

In the print there is a dotted landscape that the figure climbs into and then eventually drowns in, leaving the dog in the final frame seemingly infected by the dots. Haring uses dots in this print to convey the otherness of homosexuality and illness, specifically AIDS, and he depicts the process of transmission this unusual story.

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