The Blueprint Drawings 17

The Blueprint Drawings 17
Signed Print

Keith Haring

Screenprint, 1990
Signed Print Edition of 33
H 98cm x W 108cm

Critical Review

As the final cohesive series of works that Haring completed, revisiting drawings from earlier in his career, these prints show some of his most famous and recurring pictograms. The pyramid for Haring became a symbol of antiquity or ancient past, himself noting that ‘The pyramid is connected with an unknown force… maybe people once thought they could store their own energy in that kind of building.’ The Blueprint Drawings 17 embodies a sense of otherworldly energy whereby the figures in the foreground are left desolate on a kinetic landscape of dots and dashes.

The crawling figure is reminiscent of Haring’s Radiant Baby icon that represented hope and optimism for the future, however this figure is much more adult-like than his original icon and the dog symbol can be seen looming behind the figure. The Blueprint Drawings 17 is a stark, otherworldly image that provokes the viewer to consider the symbolism of these unusual figures.

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