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Keith Haring: The Blueprint Drawings 14 - Signed Print

The Blueprint Drawings 14
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Screenprint, 1990
Signed Print Edition of 33
H 97cm x W 112cm

Critical Review

Completed in 1990, this was Haring’s final cohesive series of prints and was aptly depicted in his trademark linear style that incorporated some of his most recognisable figurative symbols. Throughout The Blueprint Drawings series there are images of radiating bodies, dotted landscapes and figures, UFO’s, barking dogs and penetration that come together to form an ambiguous narrative on homosexuality, otherness, and death.

Haring presents four frames in The Blueprint Drawing 14 organised into a square composition, showing the head of a figure being blown off by the radiating stick that features throughout the series. On the one hand the stick in Haring’s work has come to represent a weapon that is used to beat, torture and murder. At the same time, the stick symbolises supernatural power and is used to ‘activate’ other figures to give them strength and dynamism.

The Blueprint Drawings 14 is striking in graphic simplicity limited to black line against a white background, that conveys a unique sense of dynamism and energy. Conveyed through Haring’s use of radiating action lines, dotted surfaces and almost comical narratives, this is a fun image with complex undertones.

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