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Keith Haring: The Blueprint Drawings 3 - Signed Print

The Blueprint Drawings 3
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Screenprint, 1990
Signed Print Edition of 33
H 107cm x W 149cm

Critical Review

The Blueprint Drawings 3 shows an otherworldly sequence of images with a UFO in the first frame, followed by images of genderless figures running away and jumping into a hole in the ground. In Haring’s work the UFO has come to symbolise the presence of unknown forces and an extra-terrestrial future. In particular the UFO represents otherness and those who lie outside of social norms, notably those who live with HIV/AIDS and face the stigma attached to the virus.

Reminiscent of Haring’s subway drawings from the early 1980s that only appeared as related sequences when viewers passed them on their way through the corridors. In The Blueprint Drawings series the artist was able to bring together individual scenes on a single print to create an entire storyline. In doing this, Haring could begin to communicate more complex ideas through the use of his graphic symbols.

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