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The Blueprint Drawings 2

The Blueprint Drawings 2
Signed Print

Keith Haring

Screenprint, 1990
Signed Print Edition of 33
H 108cm x W 152cm

Critical Review

Completed in 1990, The Blueprint Drawings was Haring’s final cohesive series of prints that brought together 17 of his most iconic drawings, and was aptly depicted in his trademark linear style that incorporated some of his most recognisable figurative symbols. Throughout The Blueprint Drawings series there are images of radiating bodies, dotted landscapes and figures, UFO’s, barking dogs and penetration that come together to form an ambiguous narrative on homosexuality, otherness, and death. For Haring, UFOs symbolised forbidden desire, fertility, virility, authority, divinity and estrangement, working to convey the feeling of being human and animal and alien all at once.

What is striking about this print is the graphic energy that Haring creates with his simplistic line drawings and symbols. Although Haring was known to be conspicuous of the technologies of his time, UFOs came to represent something more positive and empowering. Of this Haring said, ‘The saucers were zapping things with an energy ray, which would then endow whatever it zapped with this power.’

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