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Three Men and Cat

Three Men and Cat
Signed Print

L S Lowry

Lithograph, 1971
Signed Print Edition of 850
H 25cm x W 18cm

Critical Review

Instantly recognisable as Lowry, this print is like a snapshot from one of the artist’s very famous, large industrial landscapes. The composition is tightly cropped, and the image focuses closely on the figures that usually inhabit Lowry’s larger landscapes, their clothing and faces viewed in more detail.

The artist was insistent on the fact that many of his portraits were based on real people he saw in and around Greater Manchester whilst working as a rent collector. It is unclear whether these three men know each other, as Lowry has shown them standing in three opposing positions, providing the print with an atmosphere of loneliness and isolation. Highly stylised, these figures appear melancholic, making clear Lowry’s view on the condition of loneliness experienced as a result of modern industrial life in the city.

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