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Roy Lichtenstein: Blue Face - Signed Mixed Media

Blue Face
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein


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Mixed Media, 1989
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 60
H 137cm x W 85cm

Critical Review

The brush strokes in Blue Face are flattened with the help of an uncharacteristically muted colour palette. The work is freed from a personal narrative, yet is imbued with formal comedy. The same stylistic tendencies can be detected in another work from the series, titled Blonde. As the ascending brushstrokes are intersected by upwards flowing ones, the work is imbued with an almost musical undertone.

The pale grey and light blue strokes, representing the body of the main structure, flow in all directions. The outline of a mouth is marked in mustard yellow, while the dark green and blue smudges above it are indicative of eyes. The origins of the Brushstroke series, which were derived from a comic book source, are alluded to in the one blue dotted patch constituting the face of the figure.

Even in the simple details of Blue Face, there is an inherent criticism directed at the art historical conventions granting authority and inimitability to brushwork.

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