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Roy Lichtenstein: Two Paintings: Green Lamp - Signed Mixed Media

Two Paintings: Green Lamp
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein


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Mixed Media, 1984
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 60
H 97cm x W 135cm

Critical Review

Similar to Two Paintings: Beach Ballof the same series, Two Paintings: Green Lamp captures two adjacent paintings mounted on a striped wall. The composition on the right is contained in a minimalistic silver frame. It is a brilliant modernist still life depiction, recalling Lichtenstein’s Six Still Lifesof the early 1970s. On the left hangs a baroque style silver frame, with a bright yellow passepartout. The portrait within exhibits emotive black sweeps, superimposed on blue cartoon brushstrokes. Lichtenstein’s concurrent Seven Apple Woodcuts and later Brushstroke Faces pursue comparable imitations of abstract expressionist brushwork.

Two Paintings: Green Lamp compounds primary and pastel pigments in order to invoke a sense of spatial ambiguity. Vague dimensions are further enforced through the contrastive hand-painted and machine-made patterns and the partial cropping of the frames. Lichtenstein displays his schematic comic book forms and spontaneous brushstrokes as equals. In doing so, he achieves an added layer of self-parody. The artist emphasises the object quality of the print, allowing it to function as an image in itself, while also being the representation of other images.

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