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Reflections On Brushstrokes

Reflections On Brushstrokes
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein

Mixed Media, 1990
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 68
H 145cm x W 180cm

Critical Review

Reflections On Brushstrokes acts as a parody of the value placed on the traditional artistic gesture of brushwork throughout art history. Lichtenstein challenged long-standing conventions of artistic practice by incorporating the brushstroke motif in several of his printed series. As opposed to a freestyle stroke at the hands of modern artists, the sweeps in this work are reproduced systematically and precisely through industrial printing processes. The curving contours are juxtaposed against the rigid straight lines of the glass, forming a jarring contrast between the different layers in the composition. The work draws attention to the visual effects of reflection and the refraction of light as well as the multitude of different patterns, colours, and forms.