Reflections On The Scream

Reflections On The Scream
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein

Mixed Media, 1990
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 68
H 124cm x W 166cm

Critical Review

In Reflections On The Scream, the print-style use of mechanised colour gradation is contrasted with a bold pattern, expanses of block colour, and isolated patches of figurative design. Harsh lines cut across the composition and result in the layered effect of pictorial planes, creating a deceptive sense of depth.

Similar to the artist’s Mirrors and Water Lilies, his Reflections series also plays with ideas of light and reflection. The partly hidden images in this sequence are altered and obscured by fractions of stylised glass, pushing them to the point of abstraction. The subjects are glimpsed between sharp mirrored shapes that break and refract the surface of the image. In doing so, the works reinvent their source material into a graphic composition of reflective light that resembles a fragmented and disjointed collage.