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Reflections On Conversation

Reflections On Conversation
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein

Mixed Media, 1990
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 68
H 137cm x W 170cm

Critical Review

The partly hidden images in this sequence are altered and obscured by fractions of stylised glass, pushing them to the point of abstraction. The subjects are glimpsed between the sharp mirrored shapes that break and refract the surface of the image. The figures themselves are recognisable from some of Lichtenstein’s most iconic artworks, and each of the Reflections prints references one of the artist’s signature motifs.

In Reflections On Conversation, Lichtenstein’s blonde heroine and a male face appear behind an imposing streak that severs the composition. The harsh lines cutting across the canvas result in the layered effect of various pictorial planes, creating a deceptive sense of depth. The narrative is interrupted, their ‘conversation’ physically blocked by the band of colour. The beholder is meant to decipher the fragmented subject beneath. The print-style use of mechanised colour gradation is contrasted with a bold pattern, expanses of block colour, and isolated patches of figurative design.