Grapes by Andy Warhol

Grapes Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol created the body of work called Grapes in 1979 which is a still life study of bunches of grapes, branches and leaves and this motif is repeated in every single plate. Each of the prints represents a different grape variety. Traditionally a still life genre strives for realism but Warhol instead treats the surface area with planes of realism, suggestion through outline and abstraction all in one. The work draws upon collage techniques through blocks of bright colours, contrasted with dark blues and purples. Some years earlier, in 1975, Warhol was commissioned as the artist of the iconic 1975 Mouton-Rothschild label, which incidentally uses similar colour schemes which he then drew upon with his portfolio Grapes D.D.

There are two portfolios that Andy Warhol produced for Grapes, each consisting of six screen prints on Strathmore Bristol paper which is made from cotton, and is signed and numbered in felt-tip pen. One from a print run of 50 (plus artist proofs, printer’s proofs and one hors commerce (meaning ‘not to sell’), and the second which is declared a special edition portfolio comprising of six screen prints, each from a small print run of 10 limited edition multiples, with one printer’s proof.

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