Above and beyond by David Hockney

Some More New Prints David Hockney

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This series sees Hockney continuing a style he began working with in his Some Very New Paintings series of 1992 and continued through his Some New Prints series the following year. Again we are presented with fantastical landscapes that border on abstraction, with bold colours and a variety of textures that lend the works the depth and complexity we usually find in his works on canvas.

Throughout this series Hockney continues his ode to Cubism, playing with multiple perspectives in homage to Picasso and Braque while also challenging our expectations of the genre by presenting us with a Cubist landscape of Southern California rather than a cafe scene in Paris.

As well as multiple references to Cubism through his distorted and fragmented perspectives the compositions also recall the bold abstractions of Sonia Delaunay and Hockney’s contemporary Howard Hodgkin. As with Some New Prints, the works in this series recall the colourful compositions Hockney produced when he was commissioned to design sets for the opera Die Frau Ohne Schatten, of which he remarked, “These started simply and grew more and more complex. I soon realized that what I was doing was making internal landscapes, using different marks and textures to create space, so that the viewer wanders around.”

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