Invader Space One Pink Screenprint in colours 2013

Space Invader

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Why is the Space series so important?

Realising one of Invader’s biggest dreams, this collection of works showcase Invader’s engagement with outer space. For the past twenty years, Invader’s public project, Space Invaders, has carried out a literal world invasion, whereby the famous mosaic tiles have now been spotted in at least 35 cities all around the globe. Distinctive as it now has become, this ‘tentacular installation’ was not enough for the artist, who dreamt for long about being the first person to ever send his artworks into actual outer space: “Having spent the last fifteen years spreading space invaders at the four corners of the world, I dreamt of sending  – or I should say return – one to space.”

The artist saw his dreams turn into reality on August the 20th, 2012, when his SpaceOne mosaic, here depicted in one of the prints, took off thanks to a helium balloon equipped with a camera personally built by the artist, a project he named Art4Space. As evidenced by the testimonial visual documentation provided by the camera, the ‘artisanal spacecraft’, in Invader’s words, managed to reach the stratosphere for a short time, before landing back on Earth, its status permanently altered as the first artwork to have ever been to – and returned from – space. To celebrate and divulge his accomplishment, the artist also released a short 25 minutes-long film presented at several film festivals, most notably at FILAF in Perpignan and Lo Schermo dell’Arte in Florence, and screened all over the world, from Miami to Tokyo to New York, Paris, London and Brussels.

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