Marilyn (F. & S. II.28)

Marilyn (F. & S. II.28)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol

Screenprint, 1967
Signed Print Edition of 250
H 91cm x W 91cm

Critical Review

Warhol exemplified the playfulness of his screen printing method by layering a number of different screens to create a variety of unique colour combinations in each print. This print shows the photographic image layered with vivid hues of blue, orange and pink, set against a baby pink background. In using this technique Warhol engages in the act of commercial artproduction by appropriating and repeating Monroe’s image excessively, so as to mirror the mechanical forms of reproduction found in mass-media that he was so fascinated by. This idea of assembly-line production was reinforced by Warhol’s ‘Factory’ that opened in New York in 1964, where he produced many of his screen prints, noting: ‘Mechanical means are today and using them I can get more art to more people. Art should be for everyone.’

This portfolio has become the largest screen print series of Warhol’s career and probably his most famous, establishing his critical acclaim as one of the most ubiquitous artists of the 20th century. Warhol’s juxtaposition between the photographic image and high saturated, flattened colour in this Marilyn (F. & S. II.28) print, has become synonymous with the trademark Warholian style and 20th century popular culture more generally.

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