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RA 2

RA 2
Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 1981
Signed Print Edition of 75

Critical Review

The print belongs to Riley’s Stripes collection which the artist started in 1971. The collection is composed of a series of prints, all of which depict formulaic patterns of successive lines, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. While Riley rose to fame with her notable black and white paintings, the artist decided to explore the use of colour in the mid-1960s and cites artists such as Henri Matisse and Georges Saurat as important influences on the development of her artistic style.

Discussing the Stripes collection and why she chose such simple line patterns, Riley explains, “If I want to make colour a central issue, I had to give up the complexities of form with which I had been working. In the straight line I had one of the most fundamental forms”.

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