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Silvered 2

Silvered 2
Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 1981
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 86cm x W 76cm

Critical Review

Using just six colours in Silvered 2, black stripes appear at semi-regular intervals, to contain and break the orchestrated, horizontal colour development. White is also used as both ‘pauses and clearances’: accentuating the accents of the other hues. Riley’s work is musical and rhythmic in conception, with the artist perceiving harmonious relationships existing between the corresponding colours.

The introduction of the stripe motif in 1980 saw the inclusion of another structural element in Riley’s work, through which she was able to investigate colour in new ways. Regular stripes, being a constrained form of art, provides a strong interaction between adjacent colours: the entire vertical edge between the two stripes is an interface between the two colour fields. Thus, they permitted Riley to explore even further the optical and emotive effects of colour and varying combinations. For Riley, these works, Silvered 2 included, represent a carefully constructed optimisation of the sequence of colours.

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