Pejac is a Spanish artist known for his distinctive style, blending Surrealism with deep environmental and social commentary. His artworks are characterised by their minimalist approach, using urban landscapes to create thought-provoking visual narratives. If you’re looking for Pejac original prints and editions for sale or would like to sell, request a complimentary valuation and browse our network’s most in-demand works.

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Peja was born Silvestre Santiago in Santander, Spain, in 1977. He has become internationally acclaimed for his thought-provoking work – which encompasses street art, installations and indoor pieces. Pejac developed a deep interest in art from an early age. In order to further his artistic development, he first studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, then at the University of Barcelona, followed by the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, and finally the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain. These experiences, particularly his exposure to classical art and urban environments, greatly influenced his distinctive artistic style.Pejac's art is characterised by its subtlety, minimalism and profound messaging. Often incorporating elements of surrealism, his works engage with themes like environmental conservation, social injustice and the absurdities of modern life. What sets his art apart is the clever integration of these themes into urban and natural landscapes, creating an immersive experience that prompts viewers to reflect deeply.

Gaining recognition in the early 2000s, Pejac's street art began appearing in various cities around the world, from his native Spain to distant locations like Istanbul, Paris, and Moscow. His works remain a testament to the power of art in conveying messages about the world we live in.

Pejac’s passion for art started as a young child, which he fine tuned as he attended a number of prestigious schools. His ability to transform ordinary spaces like walls, windows, and sidewalks into extraordinary visual narratives garnered him an international following. His work is not limited to street art; Pejac also creates studio pieces that include paintings, sculptures and drawings, often exhibiting them in galleries and art shows globally.

Throughout his career, Pejac has been known for preserving his anonymity, similar to other street artists like Banksy. This mystique adds to the allure of his art, allowing the work itself to become the centre of attention. As a result, Pejac's art continues to provoke thought and inspire conversations about the role of art in society, making him a significant figure in the contemporary art scene.

In addition to large-scale public works, Pejac also creates smaller drawings and paintings, some of which have been released as limited edition prints. The artist tries to ensure that everyone has a chance of acquiring his prints, so he has a lottery system in place at the events where these are sold. This is in line with his ethos of accessibility and fairness within the art world and beyond.

Record prices

Drain IV by Pejac

Image © Christie's / Drain IV © Pejac 2020

1. £47,880 for Pejac's Drain IV

Drain IV (2020) represents a departure from Pejac's typical printed medium, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Depicting a sailboat and a smoking oil tank on a palette, the painting leaves viewers to interpret whether the boat is departing from or sailing into the flames. Symbolically, the smoke swirls into the air with painted colours, burning a hole exactly where a circular cutout is, demonstrating Pejac's effective use of materality and environmental awareness. Emerging from a private collection, this work set a new auction record for Pejac during Christie's online auction in the first quarter of 2024, selling for £47,880 with fees and underscoring his growing influence.

Image © Tate Ward / So Far, So Close (Printers Proof, Ukraine Version) © Pejac 2022

2. £40,000 for Pejac's So Far, So Close (Printers Proof, Ukraine Version)

So Far, So Close (Ukraine Version) (2022) stands as Pejac's latest limited edition print released exclusively through a lottery system on his website, with only 60 copies available. Each print, crafted with a methodical printing technique, bears a unique quality due to hand-finishing and an ochre effect, evoking a vivid atmosphere in the depicted battle scene from a bird's-eye view. Dedicated to highlighting the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, this printer's proof edition symbolises the remnants of the Ukrainian flag's colours. The sole version to appear in the secondary market the work sold in May 2022, achieving for £40,000 with fees, 4-times its high estimate.

'Ahab' by Pejac

Image © Tate Ward / 'Ahab' © Pejac 2016

3. £35,000 for Pejac's 'Ahab'

Pejac's 'Ahab' (2016) diverges from his typical print medium, presenting itself as a bronze sculpture produced in an edition of three, showcased at his 2016 London exhibition. The sculpture portrays a whale hunter atop a massive humpback whale, poised with a harpoon. Drawing inspiration from Herman Melville's character Ahab in Moby-Dick, Pejac reimagines the whale hunting scene into an artistic narrative speaking for animal rights. After its exhibition, a limited edition of 20 copies was crafted, with proceeds directed to a charitable organisation dedicated to whale and marine life defense. The bronze sculpture made its auction debut in March 2024, fetching £35,000 with fees.

Image © Christie's / H2O (Special Edition) © Pejac 2019

4. £25,200 for Pejac's H2O (Special Edition)

Released in 2019, H2O (Special Edition) stands as a unique subset of Pejac's artistry. This series, with a limited special edition of 20 alongside a standard edition of 100, depicts an astronaut on the ocean floor, crafting a surreal and captivating tableau. Pejac's artistic language often intertwines wit and irony, prompting viewers to grapple with visual ambiguities carrying subtle political undertones. Against a monochromatic ochre backdrop, the vastness of the ocean is captured, showcasing Pejac's mastery of printing techniques. Featured in Christie's Laugh Now, But One Day We'll Be in Charge: Banksy and 21st Century Editions auction, H2O (Special Edition) fetched a commendable price of £25,200 (with fees) in September 2022, reaffirming Pejac's resonance within the contemporary art sphere.

Image © Tate Ward / Meadow (Hand Finished Edicioń Especial) © Pejac 2015

5. £25,000 for Pejac's Meadow (Hand Finished Edicioń Especial)

Crafted in 2015, Meadow (Hand-Finished Special Edition) stands as a unique print in an exclusive edition of 25, alongside the standard edition of 100. The composition features a solitary deer amid a meadow strewn with arrows, evoking a poignant contrast between tranquility and darker undertones. Meticulously printed and hand-finished, the monochromatic deer showcases Pejac's printing prowess. This piece commanded a notable price of £25,000 (with fees) at Tate Ward in October 2022, reinforcing Pejac's significant presence in the prints market.

Image © Tate Ward / Scattercrow (Hand Finished Edicioń Especial) © Pejac 2017

6. £20,000 for Pejac's Scattercrow (Hand Finished Edicioń Especial)

Derived from Pejac's earlier street mural, Esparcepájaros (Bird Spreader) (2010), Scattercrow (Hand Finished Edicioń Especial) (2017) emerges as its subsequent iteration. Initially depicting a solitary scarecrow, the narrative evolves into a collective flock of birds, showcasing Pejac's ability to infuse fresh vitality into his original concepts. This evolution delves into the pressing issue of the climate crisis, offering a conscious response to global concerns. Originally conceived as a street mural, the concept was later translated into a limited edition print of 20 in 2017. The work achieved £20,000 (fees included) in December 2022 underscoring the significance of Pejac's special editions and compelling narratives.

Image © Digard Auction / Save Our Souls © Pejac 2017

7. £16,418 for Pejac's Save our souls

Save Our Souls (2017) stands as a testament to Pejac's versatile approach to artistic expression. A part of the Redemption Series, it employs pencil and charcoal on salvaged pressed wood, showcasing Pejac's adeptness at conveying intricate themes through textured mediums. In the upper left quadrant, a minute figure traverses wood chips, where the letters “SOS” materialise—a Morse code distress signal and the artwork's title. This work reached £16,418 (with fees) at Digard auction in Paris, France underscoring Pejac's worldwide acclaim.

H2O (Edición Prueba de Color) by Pejac 2019

Image © Christie's / H2O (Edición Prueba de Color) © Pejac 2019

8. £15,120 for Pejac's H2O (Edición Prueba de Color)

Pejac's H2O (Edición Prueba de Color) (2019) stands out as a unique color proof edition, distinct from the standard edition of one hundred, which lacks hand-finishing, and the monochrome H2O (Special Edition) (2019) mentioned earlier. Its debut in the auction circuit marked a significant moment, joining Pejac's top-selling works and highlighting his expanding popularity. The artwork fetched £15,120 (with fees) at Christie's in September 2023, underlining Pejac's increasing appeal and the enduring allure of his limited editions.

Image © Phillips / Rayuela © Pejac 2019

9. £15,000 for Pejac's Rayuela

Rayuela (2019) is part of Pejac's pressed wood Redemption Series, evoking childhood memories of hopscotch and is meticulously etched in white onto wood. Absent of human presence, it exudes a haunting quality, with the hopscotch grid, set against a futuristic backdrop, symbolising fleeting innocence and joy. Rayuela was displayed in the Multicolour exhibition at Cork Street Galleries in 2019, addressing the global refugee crisis. Coming to auction in April 2019, it fetched £15,000 (with fees). This work was featured in Phillips' New Now sale in April 2019, presented in collaboration with MyArtBroker, achieving a notable sale price of £15,000 (fees included).

Image © Tate Ward / Wound (Hand Finished Edición Especial) © Pejac 2016

10. £14,400 for Pejac's Wound (Hand Finished Edicioń Especial)

Wound (Hand Finished Edición Especial) (2016) presents a hand-finished special edition print depicting a cruise ship slicing through icy waters, revealing a vivid crimson underneath—a poignant symbol of an open wound. Typical of Pejac's work, this piece addresses environmental concerns, serving as a stark reminder of humanity's impact on the planet. Its recent sale at Tate Ward auctions for £14,400 (with fees) reaffirms the enduring relevance of Pejac's artistry, offering a thought-provoking reflection on the nexus of art and critical global issues.