Flowers Apple And Pear On Table by David Hockney

Home Made Prints David Hockney

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Never one to shy away from a new challenge, Hockney revolutionised his way of printing entirely in 1986 when he began working with an office photocopier to produce vibrant editions reminiscent of lithographs or screenprints.

Hockney had been working primarily with etching and lithography when he turned to photocopying as a way of working quickly, spontaneously and alone. While he enjoyed the experience of collaborating with master printers such as Kenneth Tyler of Gemini to create series such as Friends, ultimately he preferred the agency that etching gave him by allowing him to draw directly onto a plate in much the same way as he would a sketchbook. However colour was still complicated with etching and required more time and effort. The photocopier offered an entirely new solution for an artist obsessed with technology and trying new things in order to advance his craft. Speaking in 1980 the artist stated, “I love new mediums … I think mediums can turn you on, they can excite you: they always let you do something in a different way”.

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