The Week in Prints 20th - 26th May 2024
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A screenprint of a Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork, depicting lots of small black illustrations against an off-white background to the right of the composition, with gestural marks of blue, white and yellow ink to the left.Odours Of Punt © Jean-Michel Basquiat 2024
Joe Syer

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Market Reports

As the art market prepares for the summer lull, we witnessed significant shifts in auction dynamics, a celebration of photography's finest, fresh controversies surrounding a truly controversial artist, and unexpected new releases. From Christie's unexpected cancellation to the latest offering from the Basquiat Estate, these are the stories that are shaping the market this week in the world of prints and editions.


Christie’s Cancels Evening Sale of 20th and 21st Century Art in London

Following a cyber attack last week, Christie's have now cancelled and evening sale of 20th and 21st century art in London in June. The London auction house will not host another marquee sale now until October. This inability to execute the sale with a compelling collection indicates a shift in the market's dynamics. There has been a notable increase in interest for alternative luxury assets such as archival fashion, handbags, jewellery, wine, whisky, and watches. These categories are continuing to gain traction among collection collectors and investors, broadening the market's scope beyond traditional fine art. Despite the cancellation, Christie's London is poised to host Vivienne Westwood: The Personal Collection from 14-28 June. Following a series of successful celebrity sales, like that of Freddie Mercury, Elton John, and Pattie Boyd, this collection of haute couture from the late designer's personal wardrobe is set to become the most recent white glove celebrity sale.

A photograph of Charles Moriarty, Greg Brennan, and Erin-Atlanta Argun at the Iconic Images booth at Photo London, standing in front of photographs hanging on the wallCharles Moriarty, Greg Brennan, and Erin-Atlanta Argun at the Iconic Images booth at Photo London © MyArtBroker 2024

Photo London Concludes with Strong Showing at Somerset House

Photo London concluded last Sunday, showcasing the best in photography past and present at Somerset House. As the UK’s premier photography fair approaches its 10-year anniversary next year, the medium shows great signs of growth and development in the wider market. We had the opportunity to meet with Iconic Images, who represent some of the country’s most esteemed - and indeed iconic - photographers. Conversations with Charles Moriarty, known for his photography on Amy Winehouse’s Frank album, and Greg Brennan, a press photographer who has captured the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Moss, and Barack Obama, highlighted the enduring appeal and evolving nature of photography in the art world.


Damien Hirst Faces Backdating Controversy as Son Curates New Show

Damien Hirst finds himself embroiled in controversy once again after backdating his works, just as his son makes his curating debut with Dominion, showcasing his father’s extensive collection. The exhibition features notable artists such as Francis Bacon, Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, and Rachel Whiteread. The “nepo baby” show is likely to leave ‘sensation’ to the imagination, but the backdating incident adds another blemish to Hirst’s reputation. Despite this, it is unlikely to affect the market mogul significantly, given his established presence and influence in the art world.


David Hockney Catalogue Raisonné Announced

A comprehensive David Hockney catalogue raisonné is officially in the works, documenting more than 35,000 works created over 20 years. Scheduled for online release in 2026, this extensive compilation will feature essays by various artists and writers, produced in collaboration with the David Hockney Foundation and David Hockney Inc. This significant undertaking could indicate that the ageing British icon is beginning to slow down his prolific artistic practice. Collectors and enthusiasts eagerly await this definitive record of Hockney’s illustrious career.


Basquiat Estate Releases New Print with Pace: Odours Of Punt

The estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat has unveiled a new print titled Odours Of Punt, in collaboration with Pace. Stamped and signed by the artist’s sisters, Lisane Basquiat and Jeanine Heriveaux, who serve as administrators of Basquiat’s Estate, this screenprint is based on an artwork created in 1983. Measuring 42 x 84 inches and produced in an edition of 60, the print is priced at $85,000. The release is expected to perform well in secondary sales, following the successful track record of Basquiat’s other estate-signed prints. This new edition continues to reinforce the enduring legacy and demand for Basquiat's work in the contemporary art market.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates from the prints and editions market next week.

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