Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Screenprint, 2017
Signed Print Edition of 150
H 102cm x W 76cm

Critical Review

Eat is one of twelve prints that compose Hirst’s Eat the Rich series. Each print in the series is inspired by pharmaceutical packaging. The pharmaceutical products in the series are given unusual names which tend to carry violent or aggressive connotations, which contrasts with the healing properties medicine is meant to bring. Like Hirst’s series of silkscreen prints, The Last Supper, Eat the Rich is a series which also explores Hirst’s obsession with the human body, life and death and mortality.

As well as being interested in the body and how medicine interacts with it, Hirst has had a long-standing fascination with the pharmaceutical industry. This interest was first pursued at the start of Hirst’s artistic career with his Medicine Cabinets series which the artist produced while studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London in the late 1980s.