I Am The One I’ve Been Waiting For

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I Am The One I’ve Been Waiting For

Harland Miller

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Critical Review

An archetypal Miller adaptation of the classic Penguin book jacket, I’m the one I’ve been waiting for captures both his wit and his painterly style. The I Am The One You've Been Waiting For collection itself includes a signed Giclée print in red (2011), a yellow screen print (2012), a red and yellow variation (2012) as well as a deckchair (2013) and beach towel (2013).

Best known for his creative reinvention of the Penguin dust jackets, which he began in 2001, Harland Miller's prints often carry social or political critiques alongside their wit and typically dark sense of humour. With Rothko-inspired blocks of colour dominating works like I'm the one I've Been Waiting For, this print is emblematic of how Miller explores the visual relationship between the abstract, bold background and text, alongside the more conceptual implications of the written word.

Why is I Am The One I've Been Waiting For important?

The Penguin series reflects Miller’s keen interest in reading and love for literature. Miller actually first achieved widespread critical recognition as a writer. Published in 2000, he wrote Slow Down Arthur, Stick to Thirty, as well as a variety of shorter novels, such as First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified (2000). As well as a talented artist, Miller’s writing career was very successful and he did a Writer’s Residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 2002, where he devoted an entire season to curating workshops and events around the 19th century British author Edgar Allan Poe. His adoration for literature shines through his art, especially prints like I Am The One You've Been Waiting For in which writing and literature are an integral part of the artwork. As well as Edgar Allan Poe, Miller loved writers like Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald. He continued to incorporate his love of classical literature and these authors throughout his works, experimenting with a dual literature/art approach.

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