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One Small Step

One Small Step
Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 2009
Signed Print Edition of 300
H 44cm x W 29cm

Critical Review

In One Small Step, Riley’s curve-edged forms appear to be stepping out of the two-dimensional surface of the print, towards the viewer, emphasising the dynamism contained in her artworks. This print is reminiscent of the sculptures by the Italian Futurist Umberto Boccioni Riley so admired. The work’s title is perhaps a nod to that movement, to the pink curve that bravely runs outside of the print’s concentric rectangles — as though it were pushed out by the flash of dark blue that sits securely in the middle of the piece. Moreover, in the title, Riley is no doubt referencing one of the most well-known quotes from modern history, serving as an intriguing reminder that humankind’s greatest achievements begin with a single, small step.

The three strong shades of this print, bold and unerring in line and breadth of colour, and wholly different from the more conscious use of colour in the artist’s earlier works, leave us to wonder what inspired the artful confidence of such a comparatively small image.

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