Salvador Dalí is regarded as one of Spain’s greatest painters, and one of the most important and influential figures in the history of modern art. He is known for his eccentric personality, which blurred the lines between life and art, and the incredible realism with which he painted surreal mental landscapes.


Born in Figueres, Spain, in 1904, Dalí had discovered his love of art by the age of ten. The Catalan landscape that he loved as a child became the backdrop for many of his works. His childhood was spent with a strict father and a free-spirited mother, who told him he was the reincarnation of his brother, who had died just before his birth. Though both encouraged his artistic endeavours, his mother indulged his eccentricities, while his father did not. They built him a personal art studio at their summer home in Cadaques, and his father organised an exhibition of his charcoal drawings in the family home. By 1919, at age 14, Dalí held his first public exhibition at the Municipal Theatre of Figueres, which would later become the Teatro-Museo Dalí.

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