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12 Woodcut Spots Damien Hirst

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The 12 Woodcut Spots series is a set of 12 prints by Damien Hirst from 2010, each in editions varying between 24, 34 and 48. The series is representative of some of Hirst’s most iconic works to his name, the spot paintings. The spot paintings that depict rows of spots in a grid-like formula, each spot a different colour, are an exploration of colour and form that is distinctly Hirstian.

As with all of the spot paintings that Hirst has produced in his career, the prints in this series are formulaic and crisp in form. The spots are each perfect circles, spaced equally apart and set against clinical white backdrops. Their clean edges and bright, flat colours indicate a lack of human touch in the production of this print. The spot paintings marked a turn in Hirst’s career where he began to employ assistants to help produce his work. The process of making the spot paintings added a factory-like approach to his artistic practice, heavily influenced by Pop artist Andy Warhol. Despite the apparent simplicity of the 12 Woodcut Spots prints, the paintings are painstaking and laborious to produce in their precision and endlessness. Hirst explained that his goal was to create work that seemed as though it was produced ‘by a person trying to paint like a machine.’

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