Kieron Williamson

In 2009, at the tender age of seven, English artist Kieron Williamson was a global phenomenon. His advance use of perspective and shading in his paintings caused considerable media interest, the world dubbing him an artistic prodigy. Now in his teens, Williamson continues to fetch unbelievable sums of money for his paintings and limited edition prints, with his earnings totaling over £2m in 2013.

Born in Norfolk, England in 2002, Williamson began showing artistic promise at the age of six. He would sketch local landscapes in watercolours, creating compositions that experts agreed expressed ability well beyond his years. In August 2009, Kieron Williamson held his first public exhibition – the exhibition sold out in 14 minutes and his paintings had interest from over 35 countries. Since then, his style, technique and popularity has continued to grow, with almost 7,000 people on a waiting list for one of his original paintings.

Kieron Williamson

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