Monroe, Loren, Bardot, Twiggy and Hepburn – all female icons of the 20th and 21st century, and all the inspirations behind British artist Simon Claridge’s series Diamond Dust.

Inspired by pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Simon Claridge’s paintings are built up using flat areas of colour that give way to the viewer’s imagination. As he explains: “my goal is to leave to the viewer some tangible emotional feeling.” Claridge’s diamond dust paintings and limited edition prints do just that. The magical sparkling, enigmatic auras of the world’s female icons are portrayed in his provocative larger than life portraits that are given an extra glow by using diamond dust in their production.

In 2013, Claridge’s unique style caught the attention of Alfa Romeo when they commissioned him to create an art installation for the release of their newest car model. Taking place in Q-Park Oxford Street carpark in September 2013, Claridge filled each bay with a montage of style icons from the 20th century including Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe. Simon’s diamond dust finish was used on each image to give them his hallmark shimmery effect.

Since then, Claridge has gone on to work with Twentieth Century Fox in creating diamond dusted pieces of Marilyn Monroe and most recently Playboy – developing a series of iconic covers to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

His most notable works include: Moss, Hepburn and Fantasy.

Simon Claridge