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Anatomy, Left Side Of Jaw

Anatomy, Left Side Of Jaw
Unsigned Print

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Screenprint, 1982
Unsigned Print Edition of 18

Critical Review

When combined with the drawing’s grayscale backgrounds and white lines, the print could be compared to an x-ray, further highlighting its medical feel and distinguishing it from the vivid, forcefully applied colours of Basquiat's best-known works.

The mistaken spelling of ‘left’ (‘LELFT’) is illustrative of Basquiat’s playfully deconstructive approach to language, which is often attributed to Cy Twombly. As curator Dieter Buchart notes, “Twombly was very influential for Basquiat early on, in the transition from his poetic conceptual graffiti to his early collage works, drawings, and paintings. You see that in the way Basquiat works, with a type of line derived from handwriting, and the representation of handwriting.”

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