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100% Cashmere Blanket (red)

100% Cashmere Blanket (red)


Cashmere, 2019
Cashmere Edition of 85
H 130cm x W 166cm

Critical Review

This cashmere is part of the Companion collection, a body of artworks produced by KAWS that all depict the much-loved cartoon character, Companion, created by KAWS in 1999. This print, which also comes in a blue version, 100% Cashmere Blanket (blue), differs from the other works in the collection which depict Companion in a more conventional way, using the screen printing technique to produce prints that show the character’s full body, albeit in different iterations. 100% Cashmere Blanket (red) reflects a turning point in KAWS’ artistic career. Companion is now so recognisable that a follower of KAWS’ work would be able to recognise the character just from its distinctive hands.

Companion is normally characterised by his distinct shape, which looks quite like Mickey Mouse, his skull and crossbone head and crossed out eyes. The gloved hands with crosses on them, as seen in this work, are another repeated motif that implies the hands belong to Companion.

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