Tension 4

Tension 4
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2019
Signed Print Edition of 100
H 89cm x W 58cm

Critical Review

The print is part of the Tension collection, a body of ten screen prints, all of which show abstract compositions of brightly coloured graffiti inspired shapes and patterns. The prints in this collection are more abstract than many of the other prints made by the artist, especially those that feature his notable cartoon characters Chum, Bendy, Accomplice and Companion. Despite this, the prints capture the essence of KAWS’ artistic style in a remarkable way, harking back to his roots in graffiti and street culture.

KAWS’ artistic origins in graffiti and street art have often led him to be compared to Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, two leading 20th century artists who emerged from the New York City graffiti subculture of the 1980s. The artist has also been compared to Andy Warhol, the father of the Pop Art movement, due to his affinity with the screen printing technique and interest in cartoons and popular culture.