Urge 8

Urge 8
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2020
Signed Print Edition of 250
H 43cm x W 32cm

Critical Review

Urge, No. 8 is a signed screen print in colours produced by the ground-breaking American artist and designer, KAWS in 2020. The print depicts the beloved cartoon character, Companion. Companion is rendered in purple in the centre of the composition. Opting for a portrait style print, only the cartoon’s shoulders and face are visible. At the bottom of the composition, KAWS draws four hands, each rendered in a different bright and vibrant colour.

The print is part of KAWS’ Urge collection, a body of ten vibrant screen prints made in 2020. Each print in the collection depicts Companion surrounded by cartoon-style hands. Unlike other prints in the Urge collection, in Urge No. 8 Companion’s face is visible in its entirety, contrasting with the other prints in which his face is obscured by the gloved hands

KAWS is famous for having created an impressive stock of cartoon characters that reappear in different settings and iterations throughout his artworks. Companion is arguably the most well-known and internationally recognised of these characters, however Chum, Bendy and Accomplice are other notable figures that often appear in KAWS’ prints. KAWS’ cartoon characters reflect the artist’s love for animation and the artist’s visual style is clearly influenced by comic strips and animated television series.

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