Campbell's Soup by Andy Warhol

Campbell’s Soup Andy Warhol

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Numbered among Warhol’s most famous works, the Campbell’s Soup Can series encapsulates the Pop artist’s fascination with consumer culture and the processes of mass production. But why did he choose to paint this particular product? Warhol told interviewers that the idea came about because he spent 20 years eating a tin of Campbell’s Tomato soup everyday for lunch, before he was able to afford the cost of dining out, however there is another story that has become part of his myth. Apparently he was thinking of producing a series based on comic books – as Roy Lichtenstein had already done – when his friend Muriel Latow, who he was paying for consultation, suggested he paint something that ‘everybody would recognise’, such as the now iconic cans. Whatever the original source of inspiration, it is undoubtedly the product’s ubiquitous status in American everyday life that originally drew Warhol to the can as a subject.

Warhol first exhibited the series in 1962 at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. The pieces were presented on shelves that were purportedly installed to ensure the works were all level, however later this hang was read as an attempt to replicate a supermarket display of mass produced goods.

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