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Bomb Hugger (Bomb Love) Banksy

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Bomb Hugger, also known as Bomb Love or Bomb Girl, is an early Banksy screenprint. The image of a girl hugging a deadly weapon has become iconic and explores the dichotomy of love and war – a subject the artist has made a number of works about. The first version was made as a mural in East London in 2001 and featured in Banksy’s book Banging your head against a Brick wall. Another version appeared in Brighton in 2003. In 2005, Bomb Hugger was featured in Banksy’s autobiographical book, Wall and Piece.

In 2003, Bomb Hugger was released as a limited edition 150 signed screenprints along with 600 unsigned prints. Originally the screenprint came in one single colourway – fluorescent pink. Over the years Banksy reproduced the image in many different formats, on canvas or on placards on the occasion of anti-war protests.

Banksy’s Bomb Hugger shows a young girl with a ponytail hugging a bomb as if it were a cuddly toy. The bomb, akin to those dropped from military aircraft, is cumbersome in the child’s small arms. The girl herself is stencilled in black and white on a blocked bubblegum pink background, accentuating her diminutive figure and evoking the fragility and innocence of childhood.

The treatment of the child’s figure is reminiscent of other young characters created by Banksy like the famous Girl With Balloon painted in London in 2002.

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