David Hockney Painted Environment III Laser print in colors

Painted Environment David Hockney

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Though David Hockney will be forever associated with portraiture and landscape art, two traditionally representational artistic forms, the much-loved British artist’s work has never been anchored in any simple desire to achieve likeness, or to represent the world around him in a purely conventional way. Rather, Hockney’s many experiments with diverse artistic processes, subjects and genres are united by their being an embodiment of his persistent questioning of artistic norms and different ways of seeing.

Hockney’s Photo Collages series, for example, defies the conventions of image-making and photography, challenging the unifocal perspective of the camera. Similarly, the parodical A Hollywood Collection series comprises a number of self-referential pieces that are, in their essence, pictures about making and looking at pictures. In the Painted Environment print series, Hockney appears to combine the methodologies of these two print series, marking a philosophically charged entry into the world of abstraction: a corner of the art world with which he had begun to engage in the early 1990s, as in the Some New Prints (1993) series.

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