Julian Opie Evening Sun Inkjet print in colors under lenticular acrylic sheet

French Landscapes Julian Opie

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French Landscapes is a set of four prints by Julian Opie showing highly realistic images of flowers, trees and nature, three of which are set against an idyllic landscape scene. Unusual in terms of style for Opie, this series is almost photographic, showing minute details like small insects, leaves and petals.

Every print in the series is a vertical rectangular composition which is unusual considering all but one print, Daisies, are landscape images. Across the series, there are focal points, a tree, daisies, flowers, that are shown in the very front foreground of the image, to play with unconventional perspective and cropping techniques. Opie contrasts foreground motifs with the backdrop to dramatic effect, combining this with the vertical compositions to create a set of highly unique prints.

Using computer technology as a key component to this work, Opie produces a set of moving images through lenticular printing. Demonstrating a keen interest in movement and animation throughout his career, Opie often uses movement as a form of realism and to create dynamic images of modern life. Combined with photographic realism, the use of moving image in this series functions to create an uncanniness that toes the line between representation and reality.

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