After his wife being immoratalised in a Mr. Brainwash portrait, Kanye West has gone one better…

For a man who regularly compares himself to Jesus, it was probably not altogether surprising for Kanye West to receive a “blessing” from Pablo Picasso’s family, having named his new album The Life of Pablo (previously it had been speculated whether the album was named after Pablo Escobar, but no, it’s confirmed it is Pablo Picasso).

According to Picasso’s great-grandson, Florian, he, his mother and his siblings are all fans of Kanye and so, offered Mr. West their blessing.

When asked about the parallels between Picasso and Kanye, his great-grandson said: “Vision …. I think it’s amazing that he’s paying tribute to [Pablo Picasso’s] work,” Florian said. “They both have vision. They both want to revolutionise the game. Pablo Picasso was into art and Kanye is into music. The way they think outside of the box is very similar.”

Florian ended the interview by extending an invitation to Mr West. Having apparently closed down the museum in Cannes for Jay Z (who also named a track after the painter: ‘Picasso Baby’), Florian is now offering Kanye the same opportunity. He said “So Kanye if you want to come South we can tell you about the great house, the museum…we can talk about music, we can talk about art, I’m your guy.”

There are two Picasso museums in Cannes for Kanye to choose from; the Musée Picasso and The Musée National Picasso. The “great house” of which Florian speaks is most likely of the family villa named ‘La Californie’, which is where Picasso painted one of his very famous works, The Bay of Cannes (1955). The villa is reportedly up for sale, so Kanye wants to be quick on taking up the offer.

In the meantime maybe the rest of us should start making albums and naming them after our favorite artists, see what happens…

Couldn’t resist sharing this picture from 2DopeBoyz.