About Us

MyArtBroker is a leading authority in the market for modern and contemporary art, specialising in the works of Banksy, Hirst, Miller, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring and Kaws.

“After extensive online research – seeking reassurance from testimonials such as this – I decided to place two Banksy prints on consignment to MyArtBroker. Dealing with them couldn’t be easier - they are friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional; both prints were sold to new owners within weeks.”

How it works

MyArtBroker provides an introductory service for those who are passionate about contemporary art. We connect people looking to buy art with people looking to sell art. We’re able to do this through our extensive network, built over 25 years in the art industry.

MyArtBroker offers you a safe and secure marketplace online whilst drastically reducing the costs for all involved compared to transacting via a traditional gallery or auction house. MyArtBroker offers 0% seller’s fees to all. Find out more about how it works here.

With offices in London and New York, MyArtBroker is well placed to offer a reliable platform, accessible to everyone and provide the opportunity for your art to get noticed by the right people. We support you in marketing your art and come with an industry reputation which is second to none.

As the go-to online platform for Banksy works we also offer membership to our lifetime Banksy valuation service - where, year on year, we manage the re-valuation of our client’s assets automatically, and provide certified valuation certificates at each review.

MyArtBroker was founded by brothers Ian and Joey Syer in 2010, after recognising the challenges for individuals when buying or selling art online. Many people turn to the web for works of art, but it can be difficult to navigate and tricky to ensure authenticity of the art, the seller or the buyer.

Founders, Ian and Joey Syer

We regularly provide expert analysis and commentary of the art market for news outlets across the globe. Trusted and recognised as a leading authority in contemporary art, especially on Banksy, there is nobody better placed to help you swiftly sell or acquire works for your collection.