About Us

MyArtBroker is an introducer service for those who are passionate about contemporary art. Essentially, we connect people looking to buy art with people looking to sell art and we’re able to do this through our extensive network built over 15 years in the art industry. MyArtBroker offers you a safe and secure online marketplace with 0% seller’s commission.

MyArtBroker was founded by Ian and Joey Syer in 2010, after recognising the challenges for individuals when buying or selling art online. The buying and selling of artworks online can be difficult to navigate, and tricky to ensure authenticity, of the art, the seller or the buyer.

The aim of MyArtBroker is simple: to offer a reliable platform, accessible to everyone, whether you’re looking to start or add to a collection, or offer works back to the market.
If you’re selling art, MyArtBroker can provide the opportunity for your work to get noticed by the right people, with 10,000 collectors in our network, and over 40,000 visitors online each month, our reach and industry reputation is second to none.

If you’re looking to buy art, MyArtBroker can connect you to people within our networks selling what you’re looking for, and market your request via our site.
When you sign up with MyArtBroker, either as a buyer or seller, you’ll be assigned one of our dedicated art brokers, who will represent you every step of the way, offering advice and support when it comes to authentication, negotiating sale price, as well as the packing and shipping of your art work.