Banksy No Ball Games Signed Print

No Ball Games Banksy

No Ball Games first appeared on canvas in 2006 at the artist’s exhibition « Barely Legal », probably Banksy’s most significant show in the USA, which took place in downtown Los Angeles in the area of Skid Row. Three years later, Banksy reproduced the piece as a spray-painted mural in Tottenham, North London, more precisely on a shop wall at the junction between Tottenham High Road and Philip Lane.

Later in 2009, Banksy released a signed edition of 250 No Ball Games prints either printed on a green or grey block background. In 2013, the mural in Tottenham was removed from the wall by the Sincura group, divided in three parts and sold with the profits, estimated £500,000, going to help disadvantaged children.

The artwork shows two children playing together outside. The boy and the girl are playing a game of catch, throwing and catching what one would expect to be a ball, but is in fact a bright red street sign that ironically reads « No Ball Games ». The piece is painted in Banksy’s iconic black and white stencil style, except for the sign which is in typical red and white. The whole scene is made on a green or grey block background.

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