No Ball Games by Banksy

No Ball Games Banksy

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No Ball Games first appeared on canvas in 2006 at the artist’s exhibition Barely Legal which took place in the area known as Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Three years later, Banksy reproduced the piece as a spray-painted mural in Tottenham in North London, on a shop wall at the junction between Tottenham High Road and Philip Lane.

Later in 2009, Banksy released a signed edition of 250 No Ball Games prints on both green and grey block backgrounds. In 2013, the mural in Tottenham was removed from the wall by the Sincura group, divided into three parts and sold for profits, which was put towards helping disadvantaged children.

No Ball Games portrays a pair of young children playing outside, throwing and catching what should be a ball, but is in fact a bright red street sign inscribed with the text No Ball Games. Rendered in Banksy’s signature black and white stencil style, except for the sign which stands out in red and white, the whole scene is superimposed on a muted background, much like the original backdrop of the urban wall.

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