Banksy Very Little Helps Signed Print

Very Little Helps Banksy

The screen print Very Little Helps by Banksy, also referred to as « Tesco Flag » or « Tesco Kids », first began as a street art piece in 2008. The urban piece was stencilled on the side of a pharmacy on Essex Road in North London. The mural quickly became famous and many attempts were made to protect it under Perspex but unfortunately the mural was vandalised on several occasion.

Today it is partially damaged and the flag has been painted over and replaced with a tag from graffiti artist King Robbo. Later in 2008 Banksy released Very Little Helps as a series of 299 signed prints. In 2010 a canvas version of Very Little Helps was sold at Sotheby’s for £82,850.

The screen print Very Little Helps by Banksy is set on a sky-blue background. It depicts a group of three children surrounding a flagpole. Instead of raising a flag, one of them is raising a Tesco brand plastic bag while the other two are pledging their allegiance with their hands on their hearts.

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