Surrealist series by Roy Lichtenstein

Surrealist series Roy Lichtenstein

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Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was one of the most essential creative figures of the post-modern art scene. His iconic artworks, predominantly inspired by popular culture and mass-production, pursued an ongoing dialogue with the masters of modern painting and classical art.

To this day, a simple mention of Lichtenstein’s name instantly summons his signature patterns, primary colours and enlarged melodramatic comic book figures. Although his creations often have a distinctively polished pop aesthetic, the artist was known for eagerly experimenting with materials and styles.

Lichtenstein often invented and combined pictorial codes, blurring the boundaries between figuration and abstraction. In manufacturing his artworks, he borrowed strategies from various printed archives, while also examining sculptural practices and painterly gestures.

The power of Lichtenstein’s art lies in his critical, yet humorous approach to his subject matter. Venturing beyond Pop Art, his take on the thematic concerns of avant-garde movements is remarkable in his Surrealist Series.

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